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Thermal Stripping Tool WST 82 KIT


Thermal Stripping Tool WST 82 KIT


  • Weller WST-82 thermal stripping tool is compatible with all Tentronic soldering stations with power > 80 W. It's precisely shaped, replaceable, heated blades can strip covering from conductors that regular, "cold" stripping tools cannot. The stripping length is adjustable up to 30 mm. Soldering transformer can ser the optimal temperature of the blades.
  • Temperature range +50... +450. Power 50 W. Length of cord 1.5... 3.0 m
  • To remove harmful fumes is a proper, particle eliminating and harmful gases absorbing extraction fume vacuum recommended, eg. Filtronic MG75
  • Includes: stripping tool WST82, cleaning brush, stripping blades V-knife 4.25 x 2 mm (58725736) and safety holder.


Product code WST-82 KIT1
Product description Thermal stripping tool 80 W
Manufacturer Weller
Manufacturer's product code T0052503299
Weight 1. kg

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